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Ethically Sourced Product Sales And Marketing By ESN

The Ethically Sourced Network (ESN), have the Ethically Sourced mark as a registered mark in the UK, the EU, and the US. The marketing of the Mark by ESN means that ESN can offer "Sales As A Service" For Suppliers of Ethically Sourced Products in the UK, the EU, and the US.

As far as marketing Ethically Sourced Products in the EU is concerned, ESN can offer suppliers Market access to European markets in a manner that helps to mitigate many of the issues thrown up by Brexit. ESN Can also offer sales and marketing services to UK and US Markets as detailed below.

Expert And Sales Services

  • Production of a Report for Your Organization by A Trade Expert to help address relevant Trade issues. Details Of What the report would contain via link above
  • An online Zoom Session with the Expert who did your report to answer any queries and help you with any recommendations in your report
  • Online/Zoom Interaction sessions with Trade Experts
  • Zoom Sessions Featuring Country Managers recruiting Sales Agents for Products to help sell your products in Your Target Export markets
  • Other Services Available On Request...
  • Featuring Of Your Products In IBM Food Trust, and in Ethically Sourced European And US Catalogues

  • Onboading your products to IBM Food Trust, as part of The Ethically Sourced Network, To help Connect With Major Buyers Nationally And Internationally
  • Feature Your web sites across Over 130 web sites for Towns and Cities across the UK
  • Inclusion in the Ethically Sourced European Catalogue to help European Sales
  • Inclusion in the Ethically Sourced US Catalogue to help American Sales
  • Featuring Your Site in the ESN Online Catalogue at EthicallySourced.Store
  • Benefits To Retailers of Products with The Ethically Sourced Mark

    Being able to easily establish that a product is Ethically Sourced is becoming increasingly important in today's world. The ESN Ethically Sourced certification mark in the UK is a collective Mark, that is carried by certified members of the Ethically Sourced Network.

    The Utilization of the ETHICALLY SOURCED mark in a national network of UK Town and City Websites, will help the mark to get recognition as a national brand for Ethically Sourced Products. As the Mark is used only on products certified to be Ethically Sourced, it's use in promotional materials should encourage people to buy Ethically Sourced products from Participating Retailers and help them increase sales

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    Organizations need as Much Help as they can get. with National And International Trade......

    Our Experts Can Help your Organizations Maximize your Trade. More Details Of Some Of Our Experts, the Parts of the World they are in, Their Areas of Specialization, and A Video they gave at a recent Workshop we held on Post Brexit Trade, below


    Rick is an experienced Sales And Marketing Professional with extensive experience in operational management.


    Expert - Cristian O

    Cristian's presentation on Supply Chain Issues Post Brexit can be seen here

    In the last ten years Cristian has worked, for different companies in oil & gas, energy, retail and logistics industries, having different managing roles within general management, supply chain, production planning, manufacturing, procurement, logistic, sales and project management functions.

    He has experience in operations management, strategic planning, business development, program/project management, operational risk assessment and management, organizational change, assembly/overhaul projects, and budget administration.

    He has been involved in designing and implementing lean six sigma principles and tools in operations and supply chain environment, being involved in organizational change projects. Delivered continuous improvements in business performance, cost reduction, quality and product delivery, optimizing staff productivity and process overall efficiency to assure achievement of strategic goals.

    Specialties Include: Operations management, Business Plans development, Management consultancy, Operations assessment, Business model design and implementation



    Expert: Ondrej V

    Ondrej's presentation on using Bonded Warehouses in the EU can be seen here

    Ondrej can provide:

  • Sales
  • Logistics
  • Distribution and storage services.


    Expert: Peter S

    Peter's presentation on the Customs and Tax Regime Post Brexit can be seen here

    Peter is a Customs Compliance Manager. His Specialities include: customs regulations, Post Brexit preparation, AEO procedures, customs warehousing



    Expert: Thomas C

    Thomas's presentation on Global Supply Chains and the Logistical Challenges of Brexit can be seen here

    Thomas is an expert in Global Supply Chains. He has held different leading positions with Multinational Organizations including Head of Global. He has set up Logistics Flows and Processes. Thomas is located in Germany.

    Please contact us to book an expert. Please also see links below that can help access useful information, as well as useful online services for Trade.

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