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Chili Oil



Fulfilment Of Blockchain Facilitated Transactions

Fast and Reliable Transactions Processing, as well as a chain-of-custody log that create an immutable record, and tracks every step of the supply chain process, from production line to end buyer.


Ethically Sourced Network

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Sort out All Supply Chain Issues. Get your Products to your end market without hassles

The modern supply chain must evolve to meet new demands and supply chain challenges, and supply chain managers need to plan ahead to keep everything flowing smoothly. A combination of consumer expectations, more routes to market, international complexities and other factors creates significant challenges throughout the supply chain network.

The Ethically Sourced Network (ESN), provides Market Access Opportunities, and A Trade Digitization infrastructure for 5,000 Suppliers of Ethically Sourced Products. ESN have registered the ETHICALLY SOURCED Mark in several countries across the world, including across the EU as an EU Mark.

Trade Digitization can help address many of the issues raised by Brexit. The ESN Infrastructure can help with this.