Anthea means blossom in Greek and was an epithet used to describe the Classical Greek goddess Hera, who lived on Mount Olympus, where an abundance of aromatic herbs grew. Our company Anthea organics collects organic aromatic herbs and plants of the finest quality from areas all over Greece.

By carefully selecting our teas at the source and developing direct, sustainable relationships with the growers, we uphold our commitment to offer you a high-quality selection of teas that are unique, while treating people and the planet with respect.

The herbs are hand-picked, dried in ideal conditions and carefully maintained and standardized. Our company ensures that the herbs stay whole leaf, giving every package unique quality, aroma, freshness and all the benefits of aromatic plants.

Because herbal tisanes have changed our lives, and because we believe that tea can be more than just a beverage for you as well, we are delighted to welcome you to the herbal tea lifestyle. We invite you to treat each cup of tea as a moment of pure indulgence.

Because tea is all about moments after all.

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