Suppliers Of Ethically Sourced Ragu Sauce

É PRONTO!” is used by every Italian mother, grandmother to gather the family around the table for lunch or dinner. It translates exactly as “It’s ready”.

Ragú is a typical Italian product and we aim to produce an authentic, rustic and homely cuisine.

What is Ragu? In Italian cuisine, ragù is a meat-based sauce that is commonly served with pasta. Made with sauteed vegetables, the recipes’ common characteristics are the presence of meat. The most typical are ragù alla Bolognese.

At the heart of ÉPRONTO is the Bianchin family, originally from Padova, Italy. The family is composed by Chef Francesca, Chef Franco and their daughter Linda, evolving the existing catering business into something more.

Within the Italian cuisine, Ragú can be found in a number of Italian recipes and as a delicious and versatile condiment, we decided to store it in jars.

Wouldn’t anyone love to have authentic Italian Ragu sitting on their cupboard just waiting to be used for dinner? YES, Of course!

So the idea was developed, tested, fixed and developed some more…. until ÉPRONTO was born, from the heart of our Venetian heritage.

To access the Catalogue or to contact the supplier, please contact them using the contact form link above and below with the supplier’s name in the subject line.