Ethically Sourced Certification

Ethically Sourced ForYou’s platform is a unique B2B platform that utilizes blockchain technology to establish provenance to our partners’ products. All our suppliers that are listed on the platform adhere to certain criteria that Ethically Sourced For You has identified as necessary to ascertain the products’ ethical and sustainable origins. Once the products are approved, they will receive the “Ethically Sourced” Kitemark an established and recognized kitemark with an identifiable logo, signifying that these Ethical Products had their provenance ascertained by a blockchain.The Mark is used only on products certified in accordance with the Ethically Sourced For You Standards.

The Ethically Sourced Kitemark will be established as a kitemark for products that use real-time data facilitated by the blockchain to prove the journey and credentials of products, thereby empowering parties all along the supply chain with data they can trust. The Ethically Sourced Kitemark will effectively be a Passport that helps products get to Buyers. Every business in the chain will get a digital passport and have the confidence to know where the products are as well as the source of those products.

Ethically Sourced can enable our suppliers to become stronger businesses. Ethically Sourced For You Standards encourage personnel enhancement, administrative efficiency, transparency on the manufacturing process and environmental protection. This means that these businesses will have the right leadership, which makes the organization a stronger business partner within the supply chain.

Give your product a boost with the Ethically Sourced certification, a kitemark that showcases your product is to be trusted, transparent, and most importantly, that it has the approval that it is ethically and sustainably sourced.