August 17, 2020

Burning Barn Rum


Our Mission

To make the finest rum that is handcrafted without compromise. Rum with real spice and a dash of smoke. Rum that is forged from the fire, for the glass.

This story is about a family, a farm, a fire, and the spirit to rise from the ashes.

Our Story

The craft movement is not a fad. It’s a recognition of the value that more and more of us are placing on sourcing, ingredients and innovative production methods.

Motivated by the disaster of our barn burning down we set about creating a true craft offering for Rum drinkers. The fire taught us never to settle. To always go that extra mile.

How it’s made

We blend the finest molasses rich Column and Pot still rums from the Diamond Distillery, just outside Guyana’s capital Georgetown. We use a French Savalle still, a Wooden Coffey still and a Double Wooden Pot still, known as the Port Mourant. The rum is then matured in the Caribbean heat for two to three years in American oak casks that once held Bourbon whisky.

The fire also gave us the inspiration for our flavours. We cold smoke our smoked rum with wood from the apple trees our father planted over 30 years ago. The spices in our spiced rum are whole and roasted, by hand, on our farm. It’s been quite the journey, and cheers to what’s next…

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