At Purely Organic we own small organic farms and know that pure is best, healthy and delicious; especially when it comes to eggs. Our organic hens spend their days foraging through pastures full of natural grasses, herbs and clovers and enjoy pecking at fruit, chasing bees and insects… generally clucking and strutting around.

Here at Purely Organic we never use pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals. Everything on our farms is done the natural way to make sure you get the best organic eggs, straight from the farm to your plate.

To top things off, our Purely Organic hens enjoy naturally enriched organic feed that is sourced from our own mills. We are also proud to be the first UK egg brand to use carbon neutral egg packs. Pure by name, pure by nature.

So what makes our eggs purely organic?

In order for an egg to be classed as organic, hens must have access to the outdoors all day. At Purely Organic we know our hens represent the true meaning of ‘free range’ and produce the highest quality organic eggs.

Understanding the difference between other eggs

At Purely Organic we are proud that all of our organic eggs have come from chemical, GM and antibiotic free hens. We are also proud to be the first UK egg brand to package all our organic eggs in carbon neutral egg boxes. You can find our Purely Organic eggs in boxes of 6 or 10. So when you crack open our Purely Organic eggs, to make that fluffy cake or perfect omelette, you know you are supporting natural farming methods that work with nature, not against it.

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