What can the training grant be used for?

Valid training includes:
• How to complete customs declarations
• How to manage customs processes and use customs software and systems
• Specific import and export related aspects including VAT, excise and rules of origin Customs declarations or other declarations required to complete customs processes in the UK or EU, such as safety and security declarations.

What training is excluded from the grant?

Excluded from this scheme is training which is not related specifically to new trade rules with the EU – for example training to meet Health and Safety requirements.

What training is eligible for this grant?

Externally delivered training

• The cost of the training provision as charged to them by the external training provider (without itemising trainer’s personnel costs or the trainer’s materials and supplies).

• Trainees’ materials and supplies directly related to the training, to the extent that they are used exclusively for the training, and not supplied by the trainer.

• Trainer’s and trainee’s travel and subsistence costs, to the extent that they are incurred and required exclusively to deliver or attend training events.

• Training can be delivered in person or virtually, but must be procured through an external provider.
Please note, internal training is not eligible for this grant.

The Grant Applicant, and any other undertaking forming a single undertaking with the Grant Applicant, confirms that any grant applied for under this scheme will not cause them to have obtained in excess of £180,000 in aid during the current and two previous fiscal years from HMRC or any other public authority.

The cap per applicant is £2,000. Should eligible training costs exceed that amount, grant support will be limited to £2,000 per organisation.

What are the grant limitations?

• The amount that can be obtained and paid for under the SME Brexit Support Scheme is £2,000 in total per applicant.

• Note that there can be no application made for trainee’s salaries.

• The maximum claim per applicant across both training and professional advice is £2,000 so if the full grant has been claimed for training, no further grant can be claimed for consultancy and vice versa.

What are the time limits on qualifying expenditure?

Please note, qualifying expenditure must have been made on or after 11 February 2021 and must be evidenced, in full, on submission of your claim for payment. The claim for payment including acceptable evidence of expenditure must be submitted within two calendar months of the grant offer being issued, and by 31 August 2021 at the latest.